Disney Vero Beach

I am still waiting for parts for my PC. They are expected Thursday afternoon but I will have to reinstall the OS and all my apps before I am back to my photography haven. Itching to work on an image I scanned through the memory card on my backup camera (Olympus OM-D E-M10). I found this image of a tree I captured while on vacation in October. I transferred the pic to my tablet and processed the file with Snapseed.


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Not satisfied my normal processing routine as I was looking for something a little different. There is a great app called Prisma which I have on my phone so I loaded it on my tablet and stared to play. This one below felt right for my mood last night…


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Zoo Day

Rosamond Gifford 

Sunday turned out to be a great day.  I had checked the weather on Friday and planned to make a trip out to the zoo in Syracuse.  As frequent readers may recall each January the zoo holds a photo contest and I have been attempting to capture a winning image for a few years.  Typically, I forget about the contest and end up making a trip out at the last possible opportunity.  Usually I end up with crappy weather. Not this year!  I have enough time to make a couple more trips if I want.


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I plan on having a larger post showcasing the images I was able to capture. My problem at the moment is my PC died. I believe the SSD drive which is my boot drive failed. I’m looking at options now so I ended up working on my tablet. Not my full compliment of tools but the original file was not half bad to start with.

I’ll update as I work out a solution…


52 Week Photography Challenge
Week 2 – Technical: SOOC

Woo hoo! Look at me! I made it to week two of my 2017 challenge.

I know that might not seem like much but the way the weather and work have been going I seriously doubt my ability to go exploring to grab images. And not only for this goal I placed in front of myself but for my sanity. Getting out and capturing images is my escape. It is definitely my me time. Not to mention the cruel trick Mother Nature is playing on me… I mean, come on, right after I buy the snowshoes we have a streak of 50 degree weather and rain. That is downright mean! LOL

But I digress. The challenge this week is to capture a compelling image and post it straight out of the camera. No processing. No helping yourself improve an ‘almost image’ by tweaking it. Plan your shot. Nail your composition. Set your exposure and click!


MLCreations Photography: 52 Week Project &emdash; Arches - SOOC


On Wednesday this week there was a big meeting with a customer starting after lunch. It was a post award conference with lots of customer representatives. To calm any jitters I typically get I jumped out during lunch and escaped to the Old Erie Canal Park nearby. Even if I didn’t capture any compelling images, the act of crawling around the canal puts me in a better place. I had a good time! And, I was able to capture a cool view of the aqueduct over Butternut Creek.

I really liked the play of light in this image. The light on the inside of the arches contrasting with the dark walls and water. The pattern (only two) of the shape for the arches with the line of each bringing your attention down to the creek and the white, frothy ‘rapids’. Definitely not an award winner but there is potential, and for this challenge I think I ended up fairly well with an image right out of the camera.


MLCreations Photography: Monochrome &emdash; Arches


Technically (pun intended!) we are suppose to save the original for processing later in the challenge but I couldn’t let this one sit. I knew how I was going to process this image as I was capturing it. This was always going to be a monochrome image. I needed to crop slightly to remove the one strand of errant grass in the lower left corner. I also thought the balance would be better with the image ratio changed to 4×5. Although I liked the pattern in the image changing the ratio removed the perfectly same sized arches and added a little visual tension. After that it was a few minor adjustments in Lightroom and a trip into my black & white plugin from Topaz Labs.

Let me know how I did for this week’s challenge. I always welcome your thoughts and comments.

Bellamy Lights

Bellamy Harbor Park, Rome, NY

Wednesday morning as I started my journey to work I was nudged out of my routine by the moon breaking through the clouds. It was a day before the full moon and about forty-five minutes before moon set. For a few miles I was having that old debate in my head…

You should stop and capture some pics of the moon!

But, that will make me late for work.

Late! You are usually forty-five minutes early every day.

But it will feel late to me!

But look at that moon!


MLCreations Photography: Blog Post Related &emdash; Bellamy Lights


I drove past the on-ramp to the highway and headed toward Bellamy Harbor Park at the southern end of Rome. I was hoping to catch the moon reflected off the water of the barge canal and depending on its position in the sky some of the park lights as well.

It almost worked. Tuesday night was the night of the freezing rain. The snow covered ground was one giant ice rink! I also forgot how fast the moon moves through the sky when it is near the horizon. By the time I was able to ‘skate’ my way from the car to a location near the water the moon was almost out of view.

See that one whiter, less star flared light near the left end of the walkway bridge. That is the moon. Yeah, by driving to the park I lowered my elevation so much the moon appeared even lower in the sky. As I continued my drive to work after capturing a few images I thought I could try again on Thursday. No such luck, cloudy and rainy. Maybe on Friday… 😉

Coming Home

Melbourne Beach, Florida

The weather hasn’t truly been bad. Listening to the reports I am happy I do not leave off the Eastern shore of Lake Ontario. They have been hit hard this past week. We did experience some unpleasant weather on Tuesday. There is a warm front coming through my area. Around 3pm the sleet and freezing rain started. I opted to leave work early in hopes of out running the weather East. The ride home had its moments but in the end I only traveled an extra 5 minutes due to the weather.

The drive did have me thinking about the beautiful weather I left in Florida back in December. In particular, the last day where I was at the beach for the sunrise. I had an opportunity to switch out my lens to the telephoto and capture the sandpipers and seagulls. On the way home I kept thinking of this particular image I was able to capture of three gulls heading back toward the beach. I had to finish processing and then post it.


MLCreations Photography: Florida &emdash; Coming Home


I used quite a few of my compositional tricks to help improve the chances you will like this image. 🙂 I’ll tell on myself and explain what I did…

In my post about the new 52 week challenge I joined I talked about the rule of thirds. That rule is in full force in this image. Can you spot them all?

First, the horizon is on the bottom third horizontal line. Next I placed the three seagulls on the left vertical line. As luck would have it the gulls are also on one of the intersection points. Now, the highlight on the right where the sun will eventually break above the clouds is on the right vertical line. See what I mean by the rule of thirds is in full force.

Now there are few other eye-catching tricks employed in this image. There are three separate layers to the image. The water/waves are in the bottom third of the image and become the foreground. The clouds on the horizon are in the middle third while the gulls and bright yellow/orange sky are the top third. The clouds effectively become the background and the gulls and the hint of the sun are the subtle subject.

One last trick is the odd number of seagulls. This is often referred to as the rule of odds. The brain does not try to ‘pair’ off the odd number and bring a dullness or ‘sameness’ to an image. You can read more about this photographic ‘rule’ at another Digital Photography School article here.

So, did I succeed? Did my tricks influence you at all?

Monorail Shade

Monorail Monday
Future World, Epcot, Walt Disney World

There are classic views of the monorail while you are in Epcot. Views you must capture if you are a monorail enthusiast like myself. And then there are those different views of the monorail. The out of the ordinary views. Those are the views I look for. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I haven’t made up my mind on this one yet. It is is different, I’ll admit.


MLCreations Photography: Blog Post Related &emdash; Monorail Shade


While you are in Future World at Epcot the Monorail track passes over head while it makes the loop around Spaceship Earth. This is the big reveal! Your first look at Epcot as the Monorail is cruising into the station. If you are sitting on the right side of the car you will have a continual view of Spaceship Earth. On the left you get glimpses of the attractions in Future World or at the top of the loop you can see into World Showcase.

This image is from a bench almost directly under the track on the way to Mission: Space. My eye always catches contrasting colors and the yellow in the umbrella against the blue sky was a combination I wanted to incorporate. I have done another monorail image incorporating these umbrellas, but the closeness of the track I thought would provide a unique view. I fired off a burst of exposures but I liked one of the first as the monorail is starting to enter the scene. Negative space can enhance an image as much, if not more, than by filling the whole frame.