Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

The Daily Post at WordPress.com offers up a weekly photo challenge. This week’s challenge is unique. It can be an image of something unique, a unique view or take on a common item, someone unique in your life, etc. You can read about the challenge here: Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique.

This is the first weekly challenge from The Daily Post in which I am contributing an image. Although I have a great group of regular visitors I found participating in these types of events helps me in a couple of ways. One, it gets me thinking and seeing differently when I am out exploring. And two, it gets me exploring outside my comfort zone. Writing more within the post, viewing a bigger pool of blogger’s work. Pushing myself to comment on other’s contributions. I promised myself I would be less of a voyeur online and more of a participant.

I thought this image of a tree remnant in the middle of a frozen swamp was quite unique. Typically, the trees are standing tall or if they have fallen they still remain straight and true. This gnarled, contorted tree stump or root has a lot of unique character. I wish I could have been about a foot higher in elevation to isolate the subject a little better. I’m thinking of going back with my telephoto lens and searching for a better vantage point that will help me remove a few of the distractions.

Unique Nikon D5100, Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4, 1/250s, 70mm, f/8, ISO 200

Nikon D5100, Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4, 1/250s, 70mm, f/8, ISO 200


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