Sometimes They Surprise You

This isn’t the post I was planning on creating today but I wanted to share this from my daughter. I went to Binghamton on Sunday to visit her at college and bring her the spoils from my trip to Disney. She asked if she could put some of my pictures on Both of the kids surf imgur and I know they share stuff on the site but it hasn’t been a stream I chose to follow.

Yesterday she posted on my Facebook page that the gallery she created has been getting some likes and a lot of views. Curious, I asked how I could see what she had done (in a moment of vanity I really wanted to read the comments, lol). Here is the link she sent me:

My father’s photography

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to the comments, at least not right away. She floored me. Now I have to be nice to her and not pick on her so much…

I love you Robyn.


14 responses to “Sometimes They Surprise You

  1. Wow, what a selection of Dad worship photos! I hope your daughter is having an educational experience at Binghamton :). My years there were 1990-1995. I came away with a good academic foundation to keep me growing. My husband and I both miss up state a lot.

    • Thanks Allyson! This is her first year. First few weeks were tough but I think she is settling in and starting to enjoy the experience. My in-laws are from Owego so she isn’t really far from family and I’m only 2 hrs away.

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