I mentioned creating a list of photography projects a week or so ago. I thought maybe any of the other photographers who have stuck around here this long would appreciate some ideas to keep them practicing during this winter season. Not a lot of these are original ideas by me but more a result of images I have seen on the web. Not intentionally trying to steal anybody’s ideas, just looking for some inspiration to keep me playing with the camera when I can not get outside for some landscapes…

Indoor Projects

  • Game Pieces
  • Tools
  • Objects on a Mirror
  • Household Items
  • Abstracts
  • Patterns/Repetition
  • Flash Experiments

Other Projects/Ideas

  • 24 Views of an Object (select subject and capture 24 different/unique images)
  • 1 Month of Sunsets and/or Sunrises (possibly from one vantage point)
  • Fences
  • Remember the Blue Hour

Projects to Continue

  • Squared
  • Monochrome Winter

So far these are lists I am working from. I am sure items will be added or dropped as I progress but it was good to get this written down and next to the computer. It definitely has me inspired to get creative. Maybe you will find something here to spark a new creative turn in your photography…

Notebook List Photo Credit: paloetic

8 responses to “Projects

  1. You have some great ideas on your list. I should do something like this. It would help me to learn how to use my new camera (rather than go all willy-nilly as I have been).

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