Photo Hunt Results

As I had mentioned a few weeks ago my friend Karma over at Karma’s When I Feel Like It Blog is having a photo hunt. For this particular hunt we needed to choose a word and then find images of objects around the house to represent each letter in the word. We can choose to let you know our word and see how well our objects spell out the word or just present the images and let our readers figure out the word. I’ll go one step further and present the letter images in no particular order and let you unscramble them into my word.  Hopefully I wasn’t too obvious…



Scale & Slippers



Yellow Yarn


I realize now that images can be interpreted in different ways depending on a person’s point of view. Each of these images shouts to me what it is but I created them. A few people have mentioned to me that even though they knew the word I was going for the images didn’t match up with the letters. The two biggest culprits are the third and sixth images. I see what other people see now. lol Check out the comments below for a hint on both of those images.

23 responses to “Photo Hunt Results

  1. Great photos!! (I took a picture of an egg for my word, too LOL)
    It’s too early in the morning for my brain to function properly, so I’ll be back later to try to unscramble your word.

  2. I got your word right away! Have some of the comments been edited away? I only see Michaela’s here. Great choices of photos and objects. I’m still waiting for my inspiration to strike. I hate to give away the fun for folks who are still trying to get the answer. Perhaps I can just say it is a word that both you and our friend Scott love dearly! 🙂

    • I also have to tell you that this was by far one of the best photo hunts for me. I really had to put my thinking cap on and get a little creative. I had the most fun coming up with the setting for each image. Thanks for putting this together. 🙂

      • I must say I’d be curious about your settings. Indoor photography can be tough for me and your color and clarity is great. Feel like sharing?

  3. Obviously Karma is much brighter than I – I also am having some questions with image #4, so I shall assume it’s the object (ah, yes, you say, but which of the objects?) rather than the function or the end result. I shall go with the Daily Click and think on this one later, after my brain decides to function better.

  4. Yup, those two images were the tough ones and I wasn’t sure which word was the correct one…same with the 4th image, but was more sure that I had THIS one correct than the other ones….and if that image represents the first letter in your mystery word, and it’s a place, then I’m pretty sure I’ve got it, too 🙂

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  6. Got it, how cool to mix up the letters! I have to admit I had to read the hints in the comments though! Hope you have fun at your enchanted castle!

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