Railroad Triptych

Weekly Photo Challenge – Triptych

I went a little crazy in selecting this weeks theme for our weekly photo challenge, or more appropriately, our Club 52. I thought creating a triptych would be something that would push us in a story telling direction. I always read about how the really good images tell a story or can provide enough of a hint to allow the viewers mind to fill in a story of their own.

Not that I always believe Wikipedia provides the best information it does at times help me with ideas or concepts so here is what it has to say about triptych. For me a triptych is a way of displaying related or similarly themed images. I have created one once before when I was attempting a 365 Project but it was more of an experiment rather than a statement. You can see it here if you are interested.

Basically, a triptych is a work of art, or digital photograph in my case, divided into three sections. The center image is generally flanked by two images of smaller size in support of its theme. This is the original intent although I have seen some wonderful compositions that are organized in different ways but for mine I had to stay closer to normal. Not that I didn’t try other arrangements, I just could not make them work… lol!

So here is my triptych of the railroad line…

Railroad Triptych

Railroad Triptych

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