Harper’s Mill

Rivers of America, Frontierland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

If someone was to ask me what my favorite part of the Magic Kingdom park was I would have a tough time answering. Each land and/or area has something that I just have to visit when I am there. It can even change based on the time of day.

Going through my images from my various Disney trips I do notice I spend a little extra effort capturing the Rivers of America area. I’m not sure if it is due to anything more than there is a lot going on visually around the water. And is probably related to my fascination with water. Maybe I’m just drawn to the frontier setting, which in itself is a contradiction as I do love my technology. I remember growing up thinking I would live in a log cabin but it would be tricked out with all the latest electronic gear.

During my last trip in June I was finally able to capture the Liberty Belle Riverboat and Harper’s Mill in one image. I have avoided any daytime captures and spent most of my time trying for night images but the approaching rain created some nice soft light and good drama in the sky. This image is a three exposure bracket combined using Photomatix and then processed with Photoshop.

Harper's Mill Nikon D5100, Tokina 12-28mm f/4, {1/13, 1/30 & 1/80s bracket}, 17mm, f/8, ISO 100

Harper’s Mill
Nikon D5100, Tokina 12-28mm f/4, {1/13, 1/30 & 1/80s bracket}, 17mm, f/8, ISO 100

8 responses to “Harper’s Mill

  1. A perfect shot in every way Mike. The hdr has worked a treat in this image. I suppose with you loving your gadgets you might be shooting this sort of scene some time in the future with a wet plate camera. Once again a joy to look at and read your posts. Best regards, James

    • Thanks James. Everything just seemed to work on this one. I have been reading a bit from different photographers and working on incorporating what I have learned into my work flow. I think it will always be a learning process but that is definitely part of the fun. Take care…

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