MLCreations Photography

Thirty in Eleven – TIE07

Considering that this thirty day project is something I created for myself I suppose I should not feel “bad” for not getting out with the camera today but I do. I hate to miss goals, even a self imposed one. As an attempt to satisfy that weird part of my brain that is telling me I failed I thought I would use today to introduce my new photography portfolio… MLCreations Photography.

This new site is meant to be a display of my images. Hopefully, sorted in a better order to allow everyone a chance to view my various themes in a more cohesive manner. The site is still a work in progress with only four portfolios created so far (and even those are not completely filled out yet). I would love to hear any thoughts about this new site.  If you do find your way over to the new site, please sign the guest book at the bottom of the page.

One response to “MLCreations Photography

  1. Great set up Mike with this new site. I have always admired your squared series and I am particularly fond of ” The Line” ,Delta Lake beach area. It is always scary going into a new project and I wish you all the success you deserve. Hope you have a good week ahead.

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