Summer Dreamin’

Chittenango Falls State Park

As I sit here at the computer watching it snow yet again I couldn’t help but dream of warmer days. I think the snow hurts more today after the nice sunny weather we experienced yesterday. I caught spring fever while I was out running errands and now I want the snow to just melt away.

As I was going through my image library for a book I was creating (personal project focusing on my Squared series) I noticed this image of Chittenango Falls. I’m not sure why I didn’t process this one last June but I thought doing so today would distract me from the white stuff coming down. Hopefully it will help the rest of you who are just as tired of winter as I am.

Summer Dreamin' Nikon D5100, Tokina 12-28mm f/4, 1/6s, 19mm, f/18, ISO 100

Summer Dreamin’
Nikon D5100, Tokina 12-28mm f/4, 1/6s, 19mm, f/18, ISO 100

10 responses to “Summer Dreamin’

  1. A beautiful summery image. If I were there with the winter the east has had, I would be the angriest, meanest witch in the world, all because of cabin fever.

  2. Such a splendid shot…

    Loved this composition 🙂

    So hard to imagine snow, when we are right in the middle of summer and temperature outside is 35 Degree C 🙂

    But the image really is so inviting and feels like taking a plunge in the waterfall 🙂

  3. So refreshing looking! Let’s hope that winter is finally releasing its icy grip on us. Day time temps have been in the 40’s for about a week now so I am hoping that is a good sign!

    • If only but today would have been different. Snow and wind bring back the memory of winter even as the snow fades. Hopefully, the coming week will be warmer.

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