Creative Projects – Lines

Creative Projects

A few years ago I found a book on minimalism by Steve Johnson titled The Minimalist Photographer. I was fully involved in Google+ and contributing to quite a lot of the daily themes at the time. I have spoken here before about my fascination with abstract and minimal photography so this book felt right at home for me. The book was a great read and further encouraged by dive into those genres of photography. I didn’t hesitate to sign up for emails from Steve’s blog.

Although it was an older post of the blog the subject of the recent email was Circles and Dot and Getting Out of Ruts. I was completely won over by the method of over coming a photographic rut. I’m not positive I am in a complete rut, I might more attribute this phase to the long winter, but either way it inspired me to approach my lunch time wanders in the shop in a new way.

Today I chose to specifically look for images with lines. I wasn’t going to look for my next image to print and frame but more to exercise my eye and find the images in simple objects. I also applied the similar method as described in the post and only allowed myself a couple of minutes for processing on each image. To remove any distractions I processed each as monochrome. Let me know what you think…

Lines 1

Lines 2

Lines 3

Lines 4

Lines 5

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