Port Orleans

Port Orleans Resort, Walt Disney World

Yet another Disney post from me… but, if you have been following for any length of time you know that is my happy place! lol

I mentioned in an earlier post that on my latest trip I stayed at a new resort for me – Port Orleans – Riverside. Some friends of mine have mentioned how much they enjoy this resort and the images I see online convinced me it was time to check it out myself. Hopefully these images will do the resort justice.

I arrived at the resort around 11:30am which was right about the time I calculated I would be “home”. I always do early check-in which has for the most part worked to my advantage. On the bus ride from the airport I had received a text that my room was not quite ready but they would text me as soon as it was available. I finalized my check-in, dropped my bags off at bell services and headed out into the resort to do some exploring with the camera.

The resort is themed as rural Louisiana with a mixture of white-columned southern mansions and bayou cottages. The main area of the report is the Sassagoula Steamboat Company. Dining, entertainment and most resort services are located here. I started out toward the mansions, grabbing pictures along the way.



Magnolia Terrace – My room was on the third floor



I made it only this far into the resort when I received the text message that my room was ready. I was able to walk up to my room, drop off my camera bag and head back to bell services. Once I retrieved the remainder of my luggage I didn’t even bother unpacking before I headed out to the Magic Kingdom.

It wasn’t until a coupe of mornings later that I managed to get out early to capture some images of the resort just before sunrise. The first image is from the bridge over to my room looking toward the Alligator Bayou rooms. The other two images I have shared previously but they highlight how nice the resort looks all illuminated.


Port Orleans - Riverside, Walt Disney World

Port Orleans - Riverside, Walt Disney World

On my last morning at this resort after I arranged to have my luggage sent over to the Beach Club I decided to spend a little more time exploring Port Orleans. I didn’t see as much as I had wanted and never made it over to the other half of the resort (the French Quarter). After this morning of exploring I know I need to return to enjoy all this resort has to offer.








Rather than skip the French Quarter I thought it would be nice to walk the path to that resort to catch the bus over to Hollywood Studios. This first image is the path under the roadway which marks the separation between the two resorts. From my quick tour of the second resort I might try to stay a few days at the French Quarter on my next visit. It is a little smaller, and feels more active than the sprawling Riverside resort.






The greeter (Steve) was kind enough to allow me to take his picture as I exited the lobby heading to the bus stop. It is these types of images I wanted to concentrate on capturing during my last visit. I still need to work on that objective. I am always hesitant to ask permission. Luckily, Steve was not only good at his job but he seemed to enjoy having his picture taken too!


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