Throwback Thursday – Sugar River

Throwback Thursday

I see all these posts across various social media sites concerning Throwback Thursday or something similar and I thought maybe I will start this tradition here on my blog. My initial thought (which could evolve as I go) was to re-process an old image from when I was just starting this journey with photography. This re-processing could involve a different look or style for an image. It might be a different composition to bring out a better view of the subject. Whatever it ends I being I’m hoping the process (OK, that one was intentional) of reviewing the image will help me improve my current photography.

When I began exploring photography I was intent on learning everything I could about my old point & shoot camera. I had a Sony DSC-H20, 10.1 MP, 10x zoom camera that lasted another 9 months while I learned about exposure, composition and post-processing. It wasn’t until I could not achieve the effects I wanted (long exposures, proper DoF, etc.) that I upgraded to my D5100.

During this learning period I was making trips to Potsdam, NY to bring my son back and forth to college. Along the way there was a nice waterfall visible from the road and in August 2011 I was determined to stop and grab an image. This is the original JPEG I processed with Lightroom 3.

Sugar River - Original Sony DSC-H20, 1/25s, 44mm, f/9, ISO 100

Sugar River – Original
Sony DSC-H20, 1/25s, 44mm, f/9, ISO 100

At the time I hadn’t wrapped my head around white balance or how to properly use the tools within Lightroom. Not to mention that a ND filter was totally unknown to me. At least I was heading in the right direction as I did use a tripod… 🙂

There isn’t a lot of room to play with the JPEG output from the camera. Some of the obvious fixes are the white balance, a better distribution of the tonal range and the ability to use a few of my (now normal) processing plugins. Do not zoom in too much on either image, the noise will scare you! 😉 A saving grace for me is the composition. I like the balance I used with the trees on either side of the water and the placement of the falls in the image. If I took my camera up to Sugar River today I would probably come away with a very similar picture, of course, the water would be more silky looking after 3+ years of waterfall fascination.

Sugar River - Rework Sony DSC-H20, 1/25s, 44mm, f/9, ISO 100

Sugar River – Rework
Sony DSC-H20, 1/25s, 44mm, f/9, ISO 100

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