Another Step Forward

A little over a year ago I started working on a portfolio website for my photography.  I wanted a place to display my work in a more organized fashion and allow visitors the ability to print any image they like.  I have been doing my own printing through and was very happy with the results.  Through that website I found Zenfolio and setup my first attempt at a portfolio.

As I typically do I went full speed ahead for an initial few months but then fell to only periodic updates to the website.  I wasn’t sure how to make it fit into what I was doing here on this blog and it was beginning to show.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday I started to correct this problem.

First, I updated the portfolio website with current images.  I re-organized the galleries and updated a lot of the content.  It was a great next step but it wasn’t enough to make it my own.  I wanted to make sure it was more me and I wanted my online efforts to be more cohesive.  There was a few more steps for me to complete…

Second, I created my own domain.  I have never been a fan of using my name but I have always played with my initials, so…  I can be found at:

MLCreations Photography ->

And lastly, I modified this blog to be:

Picture Day ->

You might also have noticed that I changed the visual theme of this blog to align better with my portfolio website.  This blog has a direct link back to the portfolio and to complete the circle the portfolio links back here.  I will also be using the portfolio for hosting my images and using them here in blog posts directly.  When you click on an image in a blog post it will link back to that image on my portfolio.

I’m a pretty good IT geek so the technical aspects I have a handle on but I would love any comments or suggestions for either website.  I’m slowing bringing the creative side of me out but a little help would be appreciated.



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