Poinsettia Gold

Monorail Monday
Epcot, Walt Disney World

It has been almost four years since the kids were in Walt Disney World. Last year when I couldn’t go on vacation with them due to work they did go over to Downtown Disney. This year they were not going to let me get away without taking them over. We planned on two days. The first was definitely going to be Epcot. The kids are fascinated with the Japan Pavilion and I knew there would be plenty of photography for me.

Of course if you have been cursed with reading this blog then you know when I go to Epcot it involves capturing monorails. I think it is the challenge of discovering new views for the monorails that keeps me interested. Oh, who am I kidding… I love the monorails, and obviously photography, so this is a match perfect for me.

This was also a different style trip to Disney for me. It wasn’t about me and pictures. I decided before we even left ¬†Grandma’s that I was not bringing the tripod. I was going to do everything hand-held. It would be about capturing the moments not the technically perfect images. My new Olympus OM-D E-M1 would be great for this. Plenty of controls, small, lightweight and portable. No renting a locker, no twenty pound backpack. Just enjoy the parks and grab some pictures.

This approach had me modifying my normal shooting method. As the sun started to set I needed to increase my ISO settings or find places the prop up the camera. Especially with monorails where I have found I need at least a 1/320s shutter speed to freeze the monorail in the image.

Christmas time at Disney is always beautiful and the parks are full of poinsettia plants. I positioned myself just behind one and waited. Monorail Gold came round the park loop and I fired away. At 5:30pm the sun was just above the horizon so my ISO was up to 1600 and the aperture was down to f/6.3 to get the shutter speed I needed. This one will be a little grainy looking if you zoom in but the view is still great.

MLCreations Photography: Epcot &emdash; Poinsettia Gold

Poinsettia Gold
Olympus OM-D E-M1, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 1/320mm, 12mm, f/6.3, ISO 1600

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