One End, One Beginning

The past couple of weeks has been a whirlwind. On the 8th of March I was offered a job at a new company. It is for very similar work but in a different industry. I accepted and on March 9th I resigned from my job. March 18th was my last day and sitting here on Monday when I normally would be getting ready for work is very interesting. I feel like I should be moving or I will be late…

I suppose the other reason it is interesting is that I am in Statesville, NC on my way to Florida. I am driving my Mom and Grandpa down for their six week Spring stay and I will be spending a little over a week exploring Florida searching out pictures. And yes, I might take a day or two to check in on Disney. I can’t be this close and not see what is happening. I know the Flower and Garden Festival is in full swing but it is also the week before Easter so the parks will be full!

I had basically worked at my company for half my life. Twenty five years doing various jobs within different departments but in the end it came down to me needing a change. During the exit interview when asked what I will miss about the company I emphatically stated “the people.” I have worked with a great bunch of people both out on the shop floor and in the offices. I had my best days when I was out on the floor helping the people do their jobs.

After I started this journey in photography the shop became one of my playgrounds. I would wander around during lunch looking for interesting subjects for my camera. I even found stuff to point my camera at outside in the piles of junk collected over the years. The people on the floor knew if they saw me during lunch it was usually crouched down pointing my camera at some weird thing I had found. It was OK, they knew me well…


MLCreations Photography: In The Shop &emdash; 0.123



MLCreations Photography: In The Shop &emdash; Shop Brush

Shop Brush


MLCreations Photography: In The Shop &emdash; Knurls and Divisions

Knurls and Divisions


MLCreations Photography: In The Shop &emdash; Industrial Abstract

Industrial Abstract


MLCreations Photography: In The Shop &emdash; Letter 'A'

Letter ‘A’

12 responses to “One End, One Beginning

  1. Congratulations on your decision to go forward and explore. I wish you the best of luck and I can’t wait to see what you discover in the future.

  2. Congratulations! I like the idea of a fresh start in a new place…time to make some new memories. Good luck in your new position, and safe travels back and forth to Florida. Your photographs are beautiful!

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