Castaway Point Park

Castaway Point Park, Palm Bay, Florida

Sunday morning I decided to check out Castaway Point Park in Palm Bay. It is at the inlet for Turkey Creek and I had spotted at least one pier out into the Indian River. I didn’t think about it being Easter morning so when I pulled into the park I thought there were a lot of fisherman here! I arrived at the end of a sunrise service. I hope I didn’t interrupt.

The park was a lot nicer than I had anticipated. Plenty of locations to get to the shore and grab images right at the water. There ended up being two piers I could use in my images and plenty of opportunities for something unique. I have more images I will be posting from this new location to visit when I am in Palm Bay.

Just as the sun was rising above the horizon I grabbed this first image of some people enjoying the show from the pier.  I always tell everyone that I do not photograph people.  I guess I should modify that statement to be I do not capture portraits.  I have found I do like to include people in my landscape images.  I think it adds a sense of scale to the landscape and also brings a ‘lived in’ feel.  This changes the image from a picture of a place to a picture of park enjoyed by visitors.  If that makes sense?


MLCreations Photography: Landscapes &emdash; Easter Sunrise

Easter Sunrise
Olympus OM-D E-M1, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 1/10s, 14mm, f/16, ISO 200


The second image I grabbed from the end of the pier. The sun was creating some beautiful colors in the clouds as it was rising.  I turned the camera on its side to capture the scene in portrait orientation.  I also zoomed in to try and include the buildings along the horizon from Indiatlantic.  This is the little town across the Indian River from Melbourne.  This image is all about the colors.


MLCreations Photography: Landscapes &emdash; Sunrise Over Indiatlantic

Sunrise Over Indiatlantic
Olympus OM-D E-M1, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 1/30s, 27mm, f/16, ISO 200

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