Harper’s Mill Morning

Frontierland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

I have always been a morning person. It might have been born out of necessity (first to use the bathroom, etc.) but now I find I enjoy the quiet, alone time getting up early affords me. The early rising doesn’t stop when I am on vacation either. It is a part of my daily routine to wake up early that even without setting an alarm I will be awake way before the sunrise. This works to my advantage as a photographer as I have the best opportunity to capture the great morning light (when it shows itself).

This image in the Magic Kingdom was captured after I had been in the park for almost 2+ hours. This was my before ‘dawn day’ on my last trip. The park is still waking up and the guests have not managed to find their way to every corner. There is a semi-secluded, seldom used walkway along the Rivers of America between Liberty Square and Frontierland that I always use. It allows me great views of Tom Sawyer Island, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Liberty Belle. Frequent readers of my posts will know I love this area of the park.

I generally capture a tighter crop on either Harper’s Mill or the Liberty Belle but on this morning the sunlight on the banks of Tom Sawyer Island really caught my attention. From this far end of the walkway I was able to capture the big view. What I think is cool about this image is that the illusion is not broken by any elements. Everything in the scene looks from the same time period. Although the Imagineers do a great job at minimizing the intrusion of different park elements into another it is not always possible. I’m going to add this view to my list of images to capture at night when I return.


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