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Well I did it!

I bought the snowshoes I mentioned I would get in my Delta Day post.  My intent was to get the snowshoes and the hiking poles.  What I did not count on was the pair of Merrell waterproof hiking boots.  It is rare for a store to carry the wide width version of any of the Merrell boots and when I spotted them on the shelf I had to snatch them up as well.  At least that is what I kept telling myself as I walked to the counter to pay.  🙂

It is all good.  The boots and the snowshoes work great!  I first took everything for a spin around the house to ensure I would not fall over and strand myself out in the wilderness.  Once I was satisfied I could work all this equipment and look good doing it (LOL) I packed up the camera gear and headed North toward the cross-country ski trails along the Black River Canal.


MLCreations Photography: Blog Post Related &emdash; Canal Trail


I had about and hour and a half before sunset.  I set a goal of 45 minutes up the trail and then I would work my way back to the car.  It was so nice to be out walking without sinking up to my ankles in the snow.  I can see me exploring more of Delta Lake State Park and I am finding all sorts of new places to use my new winter gear.  As I was putting everything back into the car I was wondering why I had never done this before.


MLCreations Photography: Blog Post Related &emdash; Abandoned 1


On the trip back down the trail I pulled out the camera and managed to capture a few images. Near the start of the trail there is an old barn that I have seen from the road as I drive to Pixley Falls. I have always wanted to get up close and see what photographic potential this barn held. The few images I did capture were not terrible but I will be back when the sun is out and I can work in some more shadows. I think there might be potential if the sun is right for some interior images too.


MLCreations Photography: Blog Post Related &emdash; Abandoned 2


That first walk with the snowshoes was great. I am already researching other trails I can explore. Luckily for me I leave in/near a snow belt in Central New York. If the beginning of this winter is any indication I will not be without opportunity. Stay tuned. More adventures with snowshoes to come…