Monorail Shade

Monorail Monday
Future World, Epcot, Walt Disney World

There are classic views of the monorail while you are in Epcot. Views you must capture if you are a monorail enthusiast like myself. And then there are those different views of the monorail. The out of the ordinary views. Those are the views I look for. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I haven’t made up my mind on this one yet. It is is different, I’ll admit.


MLCreations Photography: Blog Post Related &emdash; Monorail Shade


While you are in Future World at Epcot the Monorail track passes over head while it makes the loop around Spaceship Earth. This is the big reveal! Your first look at Epcot as the Monorail is cruising into the station. If you are sitting on the right side of the car you will have a continual view of Spaceship Earth. On the left you get glimpses of the attractions in Future World or at the top of the loop you can see into World Showcase.

This image is from a bench almost directly under the track on the way to Mission: Space. My eye always catches contrasting colors and the yellow in the umbrella against the blue sky was a combination I wanted to incorporate. I have done another monorail image incorporating these umbrellas, but the closeness of the track I thought would provide a unique view. I fired off a burst of exposures but I liked one of the first as the monorail is starting to enter the scene. Negative space can enhance an image as much, if not more, than by filling the whole frame.

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