52 Week Photography Challenge
Week 2 – Technical: SOOC

Woo hoo! Look at me! I made it to week two of my 2017 challenge.

I know that might not seem like much but the way the weather and work have been going I seriously doubt my ability to go exploring to grab images. And not only for this goal I placed in front of myself but for my sanity. Getting out and capturing images is my escape. It is definitely my me time. Not to mention the cruel trick Mother Nature is playing on me… I mean, come on, right after I buy the snowshoes we have a streak of 50 degree weather and rain. That is downright mean! LOL

But I digress. The challenge this week is to capture a compelling image and post it straight out of the camera. No processing. No helping yourself improve an ‘almost image’ by tweaking it. Plan your shot. Nail your composition. Set your exposure and click!


MLCreations Photography: 52 Week Project &emdash; Arches - SOOC


On Wednesday this week there was a big meeting with a customer starting after lunch. It was a post award conference with lots of customer representatives. To calm any jitters I typically get I jumped out during lunch and escaped to the Old Erie Canal Park nearby. Even if I didn’t capture any compelling images, the act of crawling around the canal puts me in a better place. I had a good time! And, I was able to capture a cool view of the aqueduct over Butternut Creek.

I really liked the play of light in this image. The light on the inside of the arches contrasting with the dark walls and water. The pattern (only two) of the shape for the arches with the line of each bringing your attention down to the creek and the white, frothy ‘rapids’. Definitely not an award winner but there is potential, and for this challenge I think I ended up fairly well with an image right out of the camera.


MLCreations Photography: Monochrome &emdash; Arches


Technically (pun intended!) we are suppose to save the original for processing later in the challenge but I couldn’t let this one sit. I knew how I was going to process this image as I was capturing it. This was always going to be a monochrome image. I needed to crop slightly to remove the one strand of errant grass in the lower left corner. I also thought the balance would be better with the image ratio changed to 4×5. Although I liked the pattern in the image changing the ratio removed the perfectly same sized arches and added a little visual tension. After that it was a few minor adjustments in Lightroom and a trip into my black & white plugin from Topaz Labs.

Let me know how I did for this week’s challenge. I always welcome your thoughts and comments.

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