Just Thinkin’

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Wow! Ten days! My last post was a week and a half ago. It has been some crazy days. I made a one day trip to Detroit to perform an inspection at a supplier. I fought through a sinus cold and then there was Stella. Winter storm Stella thought it would be fun to let us not forget Spring does not official start until March 20th. Oh, and didn’t we loose an hour somewhere around last Sunday. I keep looking for it but I think it will be quite a few months before I find it and get it back.

At least it is the weekend! Saturday morning and I have started my chores. Second load of laundry is in the washing machine. The dust bunnies tell me it is also time to get out more cleaning supplies than the vacuum. Later this morning I’ll be bringing a car to the garage to look for an oil leak and if all goes well, I’ll be pushing my way through some snow with the camera. Until then here is Goofy thinking it is time for me to return for a visit…


MLCreations Photography: Blog Post Related &emdash; Just Thinkin'nbsp;

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