Games Pieces Project

Game Pieces – GP10

A couple of weeks ago I started thinking about a winter project or projects to keep me occupied creatively with my photography during the coming winter months. I still have high hopes I will be able to get outside often as I do enjoy photographing winter scenes. But, I know that I need something to prevent me from plopping my butt down in front of the TV… 🙂

I really enjoyed my Game Pieces Project which I began back in February of 2014. As you can probably tell from the number associated with this post I managed to create at least 9 images in that series. I want to revive that project. So, I sat down and created quite a long list of additional subjects. I focused on a lot of the old games from my childhood. I’m thinking I’ll be able to find a good portion of them somewhere. I do know I am not planning on keeping them so one of the local charities is going to be happy with me doing this project again.

I took another look at the images I created originally and although they are some of my favorite monochromes, I reworked a few for something else I wanted to do for a friend at work. Anyway, the originals had an interesting border but when I mount the pictures in a frame most, if not all, of that border is obscured by the matting. One of the tweaks was to remove that border. I’m not positive how I feel about that as I look at these new images on the screen, but I know it will make creating a framed image a lot easier. I also tried to improve the look of all the images with a more consistent tone.

I think, in reality, this post is a small warning! Alert! More of these game pieces are on the way…



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5 responses to “Games Pieces Project

  1. I really enjoyed these. Favorites are the jacks and the slinky. Seems like a cool project. Of course I’d have to go out and purchase some games first…Maybe I could do something similar with dog toys…lol.

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