Hangin’ Low

Letchworth State Park

I’m not positive about the early bird but if I want to catch a sunrise at Letchworth State Park I know I have to get up pretty early. It is a three hour drive from my house and with the sunrise at 5:30am I decided to set the alarm for 1:30am and be on the road by 2am. It was so worth it!

The colors in the sky before sunrise were absolutely beautiful. There was barely anyone on the road or in the park this early so I had the place to myself. My first destination was Big Bend. This section of the park can be viewed from multiple locations but I was shooting for the observation area next to the Castile entrance. As I drove toward my goal I noticed a car pulled off to the side of the road. When I was even with the car I caught the view of the gorge and quickly changed my plan.

The car was another photographer who was more of an early bird than me. He was already set up and his camera was taking a time-lapse sequence. We exchanged good mornings and I went about getting a few images. As you can see in the image, there was a few low clouds near the base of the gorge and the sky was on fire. This view justified the early morning alarm and the three hour drive.

I posted on a few of my social media sites a quick phone image of this view but it did not do it any justice. I’ll be posting more as I process the “keepers” from my early morning excursion to the Grand Canyon of the East.


MLCreations Photography: Letchworth &emdash; Hangin' Low

Hangin’ Low
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 1s, 20mm, f/11, ISO 200