Oil Can Project – OCP21

When I started this project I didn’t anticipate it would grow to be this big. I have twenty eight different oil cans. I am still working my way through photographing them all. I eventually dedicated an entire 6-shelf bookcase to the project so I could display them (I’ll have to grab a pic to share).

It is probably an even split as to if I remember where I found each can. Some I have very clear memories of the “find” while others have blended into this collective memory that is probably due to bringing multiple cans home during a single consignment shop run. Now that I think about it, this weekend might be good for another adventure through my normal haunts… 🙂

I do remember finding this particular oil can. It was in a back corner of the Foothills Mercantile up in Barneveld, NY. There were three cans grouped together on the floor and it took my quite a few minutes to decide which can to bring home. It was a contest between two of the three (I eventually went back and grabbed the other can). The deciding point between the two cans was the ragged tag still attached to this one. It added a little story to the can that I wanted to capture.


MLCreations Photography: Oil Can Project &emdash; Ridges

Olympus E-M1 Mark II, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 25s, 21mm, f/11, ISO 200