Moving In

Bellamy Harbor Park

I did something a little out of the ordinary for me yesterday. Well, at least something different in this work from home environment we are currently living in. Generally I am online for work by 6am, but yesterday morning I was itching for a sunrise image. The urge was especially strong once I noticed the approaching clouds.

I finished the first cup of coffee while posting my latest image, filled the travel mug with the remainder, grabbed the camera bag and headed down to Bellamy Harbor Park. The clouds were moving in fast. I setup the tripod on the edge of the wall supporting the barge canal flow control gates. It is my go to spot at the harbor as it allows the widest view of the park and it appears as though the camera is in the middle of the canal.

I still made it back home in time to be online at my normal hour but I was energized for the day. I think getting out into the morning air, even if it is to drive to work, gets everything going for me. It is what has been lacking while I am sequestered in my apartment riding out this pandemic storm.

Time to get dressed and do it again today…


MLCreations Photography: Blog Post Related &emdash; Moving In

Moving In
Olympus E-M1 Mark II, M. Zuiko 12-40mmm f/2.8, 4s, 16mm, f/16, ISO 64


2 responses to “Moving In

  1. Really nice, and worth the effort to get out. I’ve been home too, but about once a week I can’t barely stand it and sometimes I’ll drive to a park to walk, once I drove around the next county over looking for barns. Right now the baltimore orioles are here, just this week, so they’re keeping me entertained. But I don’t see an end to this and I don’t know about getting through the whole summer this way. It will be hard, but not harder than losing someone I love, or even someone I don’t know because I didn’t stay isolated. Sad.

    • Totally agree with you Dawn. That is why early morning is good for me since no one else is out yet. I can’t keep sitting at home, I need to explore as safely as I can.

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