Merry Christmas!

Walt Disney World

There hasn’t been any traveling this year and definitely no trips to Walt Disney World for me but I wanted to share the Disney Christmas magic…


Christmas Day
Train Station, Magic Kingdom


Holiday SSE
Epcot, Walt Disney World


Holiday Earth
World Showcase, Epcot


American Christmas
American Pavilion, Epcot


¬°Feliz Navidad!
Mexico Pavilion, Epcot


God Jul!
Norway Pavilion, Epcot


Pere Noel
France Pavilion, Epcot


Father Christmas
United Kingdom, Epcot


Poinsettia Mickey
Spaceship Earth, Epcot


Poinsettia Earth
Future World, Epcot


Epcot Xmas Tree
Showcase Plaza, Epcot


Hollywood Holidays
Echo Lake, Hollywood Studios


Christmas Night
Train Station, Magic Kingdom

A Way Through

Monochrome Winter
Delta Lake Dam

The image a couple of days ago was down at the water’s edge in front of the canal aqueduct. This is the big view of the damn as scene from the bridge over the river. As much as I like the dam, I’m more fascinated by the aqueduct. When building the dam, there still needed to be a way for the Black River Canal to be accessible so a series of locks was built on the right side of the dam and the aqueduct was constructed over the Mohawk River. I found this image on the Low Bridge Production website.


Low Bridge Production


It would have been something to see this canal in operation. It has been close to a hundred years since there was travel on the Black River Canal. At least I can still explore this area and show a glimpse of the interesting history.


A Way Through
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 1/20s, 15mm, f/11, ISO 200

Holding Back

Monochrome Winter
Delta Lake Dam

I was asked yesterday about the titles of my images. I generally add a title that conveys a feeling or a thought about the image. Not always, but generally. For some images the title is in my head as I compose and before I activate the shutter. Others come to me as I am processing the image. Today’s image spooked me a little.

After I set the title in Lightroom and exported the image I was asked if I wanted to over-write the existing file. I searched through my blog posts and found the original image titled Holding Back from 2012. When I opened up the post I was surprised by the subject. I guess my mind is still working the same way eight years later.

I’m certain the meaning of the image eight years ago is different than the one I’m posting today. Today’s image sums up a nagging feeling I am a little settled. I’m not a fan of change, although, in the past few years I have experienced some big ones. There are a couple more I want to pursue, changes, that is but I haven’t focused on them yet… I know I’m holding back. I need to figure out why…


Holding Back
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 1/30s, 12mm, f/11, ISO 200

Morning Cold

Bellamy Harbor

I will admit, going out for the sunrise yesterday was a last minute decision. The temperature was only 2 degrees. I was not really excited to experience the cold. I was reading in my big comfy chair when the color of the sky caught my attention. Dang it!

I quickly threw on some warm clothes, switch out the macro lens for my go-to landscape lens and headed to Bellamy Harbor. I didn’t expect as much ice as there was. Normally the flow from the Mohawk River keeps the ice from forming so completely, but I guess at this low temperature it is hard to resist. I grabbed a few images from the water’s edge and then found some interesting views on the snow/ice covered foliage. Once my finger tips started to feel the cold, I knew it was time to get back to the warmth of the car. I quickly drove to the diner for some coffee and breakfast…

Morning Cold
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 1/20s, 19mm, f/11, ISO 200

The Queen has left the building

Midday, Macro


The Queen has left the building
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 60mm f/2.8 Macro, 1/400s, f/4, ISO 200