Hear Me Sing

Floral, Midday, Macro

It was a good day for another walk around the building at work. We had a few days of cooler temperatures and the sun shining down on me as I explored the edges of the parking lot felt good. A few co-workers were out walking laps and at first wondered who that guy was squatting in the weeds. They wondered if everything was alright but once they realized it was me with my camera they knew what was going on. I was able to find quite a few interesting subjects for the macro lens.

Hear Me Sing
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 60mm f/2.8 Macro, 1/250s, f/2.8, ISO 200

6 responses to “Hear Me Sing

  1. Hi again. May I ask you about some of your macro techniques? Sharp focus I found to be difficult when I added extension tubes or my snap on Raynox macro lens, as well as holding steady enough by hand. Do you use a particular grip or technique? I know my equipment is quite old by today’s standards and I am for sure out of practice but there’s surely hope to play again without a huge investment of money!

    • For some images I am using a tripod to help keep the camera steady. A other technique I use is to have the shutter release keep taking images as long as I hold the button down and to have auto focus turned on. That way I might get one or two images in focus out of a string of four or five with each click. It also helps that my camera has in-body stabilization, which is a plus for these unsteady hands of mine.

      • Ah, thanks! Do you always use a full sized tripod? I remember having one of those flexible little table top tripods way back when that came in handy for some shots, although I can’t seem to find it now.

      • I have a couple different sizes. Most can get quite low to the ground. I also have a small plate that can hold the tripod head which let’s me get the camera sitting on the ground.

      • One more question if you don’t mind. Have you gone mirrorless? If so what do you think about the switch? Pros/cons?

      • Yes, I think it was in 2016 I switched from my Nikon to the Olympus E-M1. Love it! Smaller, lighter camera and lenses. No regrets.

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