Lost Youth

Delta Lake State Park

It was a long day at work! And the sad part is I barely worked on any of my stuff. After surviving the day, there was no way my butt was going to end up on the couch this evening. I needed a re-charge. I had a few options but the call of a sunset with the sounds of water hitting the beach would be the boost I needed… off to Delta Lake.

I drove up earlier than I normally would for a sunset. This was supposed to be about relaxing and hopefully get a sunset, not a task oriented photo shoot. I walked around the park soaking it all in… aaahhh! Just what I needed.

In one of the picnic areas I came across a swing set. I had grabbed an image here way back in 2013 (After the children go home…). I got a little sad when I saw the state of disrepair in this area. I’m not sure why it hit me like it did. I believe it was due to a conversation I had with a friend at work. We escaped the office for lunch and I worked hard to keep the conversation away from work topics. I got him talking about his kids and he was telling me about the swing set he built in his backyard. That has to be it…

I setup the camera and captured an image. The haiku was already rolling around in my head. I need to pack a notebook in my camera bag, my memory is not that good. Plus, people stare when you repeat something over and over so you won’t forget it… no, I’m not crazy, I can’t remember very well. Ok, maybe a little crazy, but it works for me.


Carefree, swinging high
Memories of days long passed
Young exuberance
Lost Youth
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-100mm f/4, 1/10s, 15mm, f/11, ISO 200