Autumn Wide

Chittenango Falls State Park

Last Friday worked out well with my early leave from work and the walk around Green Lakes I planned on giving it a try this week. I wasn’t positive the weather would allow me as there was rain in the forecast. By early afternoon the clouds were rolling in but the rain was holding off. I escaped!

I ran out of work an hour early and headed toward Chittenango Falls State Park. There were very few people in the park so I had my playground to myself. I started down in the gorge planning to get the waterfall flanked by bright autumn colors. Busted. There was minimal color in the trees lining the view. Damn!

There was color to be found. I switched to the area of the park upstream of the waterfall. Bingo! This is more like it. I played for almost an hour before the first drops of rain started to fall. Another good end to my work week.

I tried something a little different with this view. After my success with the panoramic from Bald Mountain I setup the camera and captured an eight image sequence. A little tricky due to the flowing water but I added a filter to get to a two second exposure counting on the long exposure to help “hide” the separate images. I think it worked out OK…

Autumn Wide
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 2s, 40mm, f/11, ISO 200