Airport on the Rise

Griffiss International Airport

Now that I work 5 minutes from my apartment, I don’t carry my camera bag with me. There are a couple of other reasons as well, such as, no cameras allowed in the building, too cold to leave it in my car, etc. Plus, I’m only taking a 30 minute lunch which doesn’t allow enough time to go anywhere for a walk with the camera. The new place is also too close to a couple secure facilities so I don’t think walking around the parking lot with a camera would be a good idea… LOL

I did stop on the drive in yesterday to capture this sunrise view of the airport with my phone. The sign is new, and that is the airport back there behind the trees. There are no commercial flights from here, but I still see the Air Force using the runway for training. I guess I’m not aware of what categorizes a building next to a runway as an international airport, but I liked the view…

Griffiss International Airport

4 responses to “Airport on the Rise

  1. I’ve been to a few ‘international’ airports that I didn’t consider very international. Probably has airlines that connect to a bigger airport that can get people somewhere exotic. Sounds like the new job is very demanding!

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