Boardwalk Joe’s

Disney Boardwalk Area

I think I could visit Disney and spend just as much time exploring around Crescent Lake as I would in any of the theme parks. Between the resorts, Yacht & Beach Clubs and the Boardwalk, and the actual boardwalk area itself there is such a nice relaxed atmosphere that I could get lost in it for a while. Even on my only day visiting Epcot last week I left the park to walk around this area. It removed me from the hustle and crowds of the park that were beginning to wear me down.

I realize that a Disney vacation is something special to most of the visitors. Something that might only happen once in a lifetime. My first few visits were the same way… run around and try to see it all. It wasn’t until I slowed down did I begin to enjoy what was at Disney. The Boardwalk area is one of those slow down and enjoy places.

Although I did not stop at Boardwalk Joe’s and imbibe one of the marvelous margaritas I really like the contrasting colors offered by this stand.  It doesn’t hurt that the background includes my beloved Yacht Club Lighthouse.  I also went with my current trend of including people in my landscape images.  It transforms the image from a static, colorful image to one with life and activity.  I’m beginning to like these more and more…


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Boardwalk Joe’s
Olympus OM-D E-M1, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 1/200s, 16mm, f/16, ISO 200