The Duke

The Great Movie Ride, Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was originally sponsored by MGM. When the theme park opened it was originally named Disney-MGM Studios. Recently Disney worked a deal with Turner Classic Movies to sponsor the ride and the show was refurbished. I hadn’t experienced the new ride but I took the opportunity this trip to not only see the changes but cool off during a hot day at the park.

This ride is quite the challenge to photograph. Not only are you on a constantly moving vehicle, the lighting is not to promote pictures. I was finally able to capture the John Wayne scene but I struggled with the processing to get the color right. I know it might be a bit of a crutch but I ended up converting this image to B&W which I think works really well.


MLCreations Photography: WDW in B&W &emdash; The Duke

The Duke
Olympus OM-D E-M1, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 1/100s, 21mm, f/2.8, ISO 6400


Limestone Creek Aqueduct, Old Erie Canal Park

Since I discovered the Old Erie Canal Park very near to my work last year I have been waiting for the parking area further downstream to open up so I could explore farther during lunch. There was a lot of construction and they were rebuilding the parking area. I had to be patient but it has been killing me.

I think earlier this month the parking area was open but the weather was not the best for my exploring. Today that all changed. The sun was out and there were a few clouds in the sky. Lunch didn’t arrive soon enough.

I knew from scouring Google Maps that there was another aqueduct further down the canal. It wasn’t a very far walk and I was able to spend time exploring both sides of the aqueduct. It appears to be built identical to the aqueduct over Butternut Creek. This one is over Limestone Creek but the geography allows me to get closer to both sides at the creek level. I’m going to be enjoying this as the seasons change this year!


MLCreations Photography: Monochrome &emdash; Driftwood?